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Annual Stephens County Drug Court pumpkin decorating contest was held this week. Volunteer judges from the community select the winner and then the pumpkins are taken to the lobby of the courthouse for the community to enjoy. While participation in the contest is mandatory for all participants in Drug Court, it gives the participants an opportunity to spend quality time with their families, and their Drug Court peers.

A Drug Court is a specialized court that targets criminal offenders who have drug addiction and dependency problems.  This program provides offenders with intensive court supervision, mandatory drug testing, substance-abuse treatment, and other social services as an alternative to incarceration. 

Currently, Judge Dennis Gay is presiding over Drug Court like two Judges before him, Judge William B. Buxton, and Judge Carl O. Lamar.  Deserving honorable mention is Judge Jerry Herberger who presides over the hearing when the defendant enters a plea of guilty to join the Drug Court Program. Sharon Cain is the Drug Court Administrator, and has been in the position of running the operation of Drug Court since its creation.   Special thanks should be given to Paula Burk, Drug Court Adminstrative Assistant, who takes on the daily tasks of the Drug Court office. Members of the community come together to form the board, including a Designee from each of the following organizations, the District Attorney’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office, Duncan Police Department, Probation and Parole, Treatment Provider, Public Defender, Drug Court Administrator and the presiding Judge. This board determines the applicants eligibility to participate in the Drug Court Program. Sharon Cain is proud of the success the Program has had since the establishment of the Stephens County Drug Court Program in 2005 and was delighted with the  participants in the pumpkin decorating contest.  Activities like pumpkin decorating get the Drug Court participants involved in kinds of social activities that are drug free and further the goal of rehabilitation.

Since 2005, 167 participants have come into the program, 44 of those are currently active participants in the program.  85 participants have successfully graduated from the Drug Court Program, reuniting families and rehabilitating those that have graduated from Drug Court into more productive citizens within our community.  Sharon Cain is proud that 100% of the participants are employed once they enter the program, and that is important since through those participants the Drug Court Program is providing tax relief to the county. For more information on Drug Court participation:

Stephens County Drug Court                                                         
101 S. 11th, #208 
Duncan, OK  73533-4758   
Phone:  (580) 252-9809

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